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enum CRStatus cr_input_seek_index ( CRInput a_this,
enum CRSeekPos  a_origin,
gint  a_pos 

Sets the "current byte index" of the current instance of CRInput. Next call to cr_input_get_byte() will return the byte next after the new "current byte index".

a_this the current instance of CRInput.
a_origin the origin to consider during the calculation of the absolute position of the new "current byte index".
a_pos the relative offset of the new "current byte index." This offset is relative to the origin a_origin.
CR_OK upon successful completion otherwise returns
  • CR_BAD_PARAM_ERROR if at least one of the parameters is not valid

Definition at line 881 of file cr-input.c.


        glong abs_offset = 0;

        g_return_val_if_fail (a_this && PRIVATE (a_this), CR_BAD_PARAM_ERROR);

        switch (a_origin) {

        case CR_SEEK_CUR:
                abs_offset = PRIVATE (a_this)->next_byte_index - 1 + a_pos;

        case CR_SEEK_BEGIN:
                abs_offset = a_pos;

        case CR_SEEK_END:
                abs_offset = PRIVATE (a_this)->in_buf_size - 1 - a_pos;

                return CR_BAD_PARAM_ERROR;

        if ((abs_offset > 0)
            && (gulong) abs_offset < PRIVATE (a_this)->nb_bytes) {

                /*update the input stream's internal state */
                PRIVATE (a_this)->next_byte_index = abs_offset + 1;

                return CR_OK;

        return CR_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_ERROR;

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