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static void sp_canvas_unrealize ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [static]

The canvas widget's unrealize callback.

Definition at line 1175 of file sp-canvas.cpp.

References SPCanvas::current_item, SPCanvas::focused_item, SPCanvas::grabbed_item, and SPCanvas::pixmap_gc.

Referenced by sp_canvas_class_init().

    SPCanvas *canvas = SP_CANVAS (widget);

    canvas->current_item = NULL;
    canvas->grabbed_item = NULL;
    canvas->focused_item = NULL;

    shutdown_transients (canvas);

    gdk_gc_destroy (canvas->pixmap_gc);
    canvas->pixmap_gc = NULL;

    if (GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (canvas_parent_class)->unrealize)
        (* GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (canvas_parent_class)->unrealize) (widget);

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