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static void sp_canvas_item_construct ( SPCanvasItem item,
SPCanvasGroup parent,
gchar const *  first_arg_name,
va_list  args 
) [static]

Sets up the newly created SPCanvasItem.

We make it static for encapsulation reasons since it was nowhere used.

Definition at line 206 of file sp-canvas.cpp.

References SPCanvasItem::canvas, group_add(), SPCanvasItem::parent, and sp_canvas_item_request_update().

Referenced by sp_canvas_item_new().

    g_return_if_fail (SP_IS_CANVAS_GROUP (parent));
    g_return_if_fail (SP_IS_CANVAS_ITEM (item));

    item->parent = SP_CANVAS_ITEM (parent);
    item->canvas = item->parent->canvas;

    g_object_set_valist (G_OBJECT (item), first_arg_name, args);

    group_add (SP_CANVAS_GROUP (item->parent), item);

    sp_canvas_item_request_update (item);

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