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int sp_desktop_query_style ( SPDesktop desktop,
SPStyle style,
int  property 

Query the subselection (if any) or selection on the given desktop for the given property, write the result to style, return appropriate flag.

Definition at line 1319 of file desktop-style.cpp.

References SPDesktop::_query_style_signal, Inkscape::Selection::itemList(), SPDesktop::selection, and sp_desktop_query_style_from_list().

Referenced by sp_desktop_query_style_all(), sp_fill_style_widget_update(), sp_stroke_style_line_update(), and sp_stroke_style_paint_update().

    int ret = desktop->_query_style_signal.emit(style, property);

    if (ret != QUERY_STYLE_NOTHING)
        return ret; // subselection returned a style, pass it on

    // otherwise, do querying and averaging over selection
    if (desktop->selection != NULL) {
      return sp_desktop_query_style_from_list ((GSList *) desktop->selection->itemList(), style, property);


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