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SnapManager::SnapperList SnapManager::getGridSnappers (  )  const

Return a list of gridsnappers.

Each grid has its own instance of the snapper class. This way snapping can be enabled per grid individually. A list will be returned containing the pointers to these instances, but only for grids that are being displayed and for which snapping is enabled.

List of gridsnappers that we use.

Definition at line 88 of file snap.cpp.

References SPDesktop::gridsEnabled().

Referenced by getSnappers(), and gridSnapperMightSnap().

    SnapperList s;

    if (_desktop && _desktop->gridsEnabled() && snapprefs.getSnapToGrids()) {
        for ( GSList const *l = _named_view->grids; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
            Inkscape::CanvasGrid *grid = (Inkscape::CanvasGrid*) l->data;

    return s;

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