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SPDesktopWidget Struct Reference

#include <desktop-widget.h>

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Detailed Description

A GtkEventBox on an SPDesktop.

Definition at line 67 of file desktop-widget.h.

Public Member Functions

void disableInteraction ()
void enableInteraction ()
Inkscape::UI::Widget::Dock * getDock ()
void getWindowGeometry (gint &x, gint &y, gint &w, gint &h)
bool isToolboxButtonActive (gchar const *id)
void letZoomGrabFocus ()
bool onFocusInEvent (GdkEventFocus *)
void presentWindow ()
void requestCanvasUpdate ()
void requestCanvasUpdateAndWait ()
void setCoordinateStatus (Geom::Point p)
void setMessage (Inkscape::MessageType type, gchar const *message)
void setToolboxAdjustmentValue (gchar const *id, double value)
void setToolboxFocusTo (gchar const *)
void setToolboxSelectOneValue (gchar const *id, gint value)
void setWindowPosition (Geom::Point p)
void setWindowSize (gint w, gint h)
void setWindowTransient (void *p, int transient_policy)
bool shutdown ()
void updateTitle (gchar const *uri)
void viewSetPosition (Geom::Point p)
bool warnDialog (gchar *text)
Geom::Point window_get_pointer ()

Public Attributes

unsigned int _interaction_disabled_counter
GtkWidget * aux_toolbox
GtkWidget * cms_adjust
GtkWidget * commands_toolbox
GtkWidget * coord_status
gint coord_status_id
GtkWidget * coord_status_x
GtkWidget * coord_status_y
Inkscape::UI::Widget::Dock * dock
double dt2r
GtkAdjustment * hadj
GtkWidget * hruler
GtkWidget * hruler_box
GtkWidget * hscrollbar
Inkscape::Widgets::LayerSelector * layer_selector
GtkWidget * menubar
sigc::connection modified_connection
Geom::Point ruler_origin
GtkWidget * select_status
GtkWidget * select_status_eventbox
gint select_status_id
Inkscape::UI::Widget::SelectedStyle * selected_style
GtkWidget * snap_toolbox
GtkWidget * statusbar
GtkWidget * sticky_zoom
WidgetStub * stub
GtkWidget * tool_toolbox
GtkTooltips * tt
unsigned int update: 1
GtkAdjustment * vadj
GtkWidget * vbox
SPViewWidget viewwidget
GtkWidget * vruler
GtkWidget * vruler_box
GtkWidget * vscrollbar
GtkWidget * vscrollbar_box
Gtk::Window * window
GtkWidget * zoom_status
gulong zoom_update


struct  WidgetStub

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