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CRParser* cr_parser_new ( CRTknzr *  a_tknzr  ) 

Creates a new parser to parse data coming the input stream given in parameter.

a_input the input stream of the parser. Note that the newly created parser will ref a_input and unref it when parsing reaches the end of the input stream.
the newly created instance of CRParser, or NULL if an error occured.

Definition at line 2733 of file cr-parser.c.

Referenced by cr_om_parser_parse_buf().

        enum CRStatus status = CR_OK;

        CRParser *result = (CRParser *)g_malloc0 (sizeof (CRParser));

        PRIVATE (result) = (CRParserPriv *)g_malloc0 (sizeof (CRParserPriv));

        if (a_tknzr) {
                status = cr_parser_set_tknzr (result, a_tknzr);

        g_return_val_if_fail (status == CR_OK, NULL);

        return result;

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