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Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::ColorItem Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::ColorItem:

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Detailed Description

The color swatch you see on screen as a clickable box.

Definition at line 61 of file swatches.cpp.

Public Member Functions

void buttonClicked (bool secondary=false)
 ColorItem (ColorItem const &other)
 ColorItem (unsigned int r, unsigned int g, unsigned int b, Glib::ustring &name)
 ColorItem (ege::PaintDef::ColorType type)
virtual Gtk::Widget * getPreview (PreviewStyle style, ViewType view,::PreviewSize size, guint ratio)
bool isFill ()
bool isStroke ()
virtual ColorItemoperator= (ColorItem const &other)
void setState (bool fill, bool stroke)

Public Attributes

ege::PaintDef def
void * ptr

Private Member Functions

void _linkTint (ColorItem &other, int percent)
void _linkTone (ColorItem &other, int percent, int grayLevel)

Static Private Member Functions

static void _colorDefChanged (void *data)
static void _dragGetColorData (GtkWidget *widget, GdkDragContext *drag_context, GtkSelectionData *data, guint info, guint time, gpointer user_data)
static void _dropDataIn (GtkWidget *widget, GdkDragContext *drag_context, gint x, gint y, GtkSelectionData *data, guint info, guint event_time, gpointer user_data)
static void _wireMagicColors (void *p)

Private Attributes

bool _isFill
bool _isLive
bool _isStroke
int _linkGray
bool _linkIsTone
int _linkPercent
std::vector< ColorItem * > _listeners
std::vector< Gtk::Widget * > _previews
Gtk::Tooltips tips


void _loadPaletteFile (gchar const *filename)

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