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Inkscape::Extension::Internal::BlurEdge Class Reference

#include <bluredge.h>

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Detailed Description

Implementation class of the GIMP gradient plugin. This mostly just creates a namespace for the GIMP gradient plugin today.

Definition at line 20 of file bluredge.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned begin (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, SPDocument *doc)
virtual unsigned bind (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, Geom::Matrix const *transform, float opacity)
virtual bool cancelProcessing (void)
virtual bool check (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
virtual unsigned comment (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, const char *comment)
virtual void commitDocument (void)
void effect (Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module, Inkscape::UI::View::View *document, Inkscape::Extension::Implementation::ImplementationDocumentCache *docCache)
 This actually blurs the edge.
virtual unsigned fill (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, Geom::PathVector const &pathv, Geom::Matrix const *ctm, SPStyle const *style, NRRect const *pbox, NRRect const *dbox, NRRect const *bbox)
virtual unsigned finish (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual bool fontEmbedded (Inkscape::Extension::Print *ext)
 Get "fontEmbedded" param, i.e. tell the printing engine whether fonts should be embedded.
virtual unsigned image (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, unsigned char *px, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, unsigned int rs, Geom::Matrix const *transform, SPStyle const *style)
bool load (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
 A function to allocated anything -- just an example here.
ImplementationDocumentCache * 
newDocCache (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *ext, Inkscape::UI::View::View *doc)
 Create a new document cache object.
virtual SPDocumentopen (Inkscape::Extension::Input *module, gchar const *filename)
Gtk::Widget * prefs_effect (Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module, Inkscape::UI::View::View *view, sigc::signal< void > *changeSignal, Inkscape::Extension::Implementation::ImplementationDocumentCache *docCache)
virtual Gtk::Widget * prefs_input (Inkscape::Extension::Input *module, gchar const *filename)
virtual Gtk::Widget * prefs_output (Inkscape::Extension::Output *module)
virtual void processPath (Inkscape::XML::Node *node)
virtual unsigned release (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual void save (Inkscape::Extension::Output *module, SPDocument *doc, gchar const *filename)
virtual unsigned set_preview (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned setup (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned stroke (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, Geom::PathVector const &pathv, Geom::Matrix const *transform, SPStyle const *style, NRRect const *pbox, NRRect const *dbox, NRRect const *bbox)
virtual unsigned text (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, char const *text, Geom::Point p, SPStyle const *style)
virtual bool textToPath (Inkscape::Extension::Print *ext)
 Tell the printing engine whether text should be text or path.
virtual void unload (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)

Static Public Member Functions

static void init (void)

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