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Geom::D2< Interval > Class Template Reference

#include <rect.h>

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Detailed Description

class Geom::D2< Interval >

Rect class. The Rect class is actually a specialisation of D2<Interval>.

Definition at line 60 of file rect.h.

Public Member Functions

double area () const
 Compute the area of this rectangle.
double bottom () const
bool contains (Point const &p) const
bool contains (Rect const &r) const
Point corner (unsigned i) const
 D2 (Point const &a, Point const &b)
 D2 (Interval const &a, Interval const &b)
 D2 ()
Point dimensions () const
void expandBy (Point const p)
void expandBy (double amnt)
void expandTo (Point p)
bool hasZeroArea (double eps=EPSILON) const
double height () const
bool intersects (Rect const &r) const
double left () const
Point max () const
double maxExtent () const
Point midpoint () const
Point min () const
double minExtent () const
Interval const & operator[] (unsigned i) const
Intervaloperator[] (unsigned i)
double right () const
double top () const
void unionWith (OptRect const &b)
void unionWith (Rect const &b)
double width () const

Private Attributes

Interval f [2]

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