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static void sp_style_merge_ifilter ( SPStyle style,
SPIFilter const *  parent 
) [static]

Merge filter style from parent. Filter effects do not inherit by default

Definition at line 2194 of file style.cpp.

References SPStyle::filter, SPIFilter::href, SPIFilter::inherit, SPStyle::object, SPIFilter::set, sp_style_filter_clear(), and sp_style_filter_ref_changed().

Referenced by sp_style_merge_from_dying_parent(), and sp_style_merge_from_parent().

    // FIXME:
    // instead of just copying over, we need to _really merge_ the two filters by combining their
    // filter primitives

    style->filter.set = parent->set;
    style->filter.inherit = parent->inherit;

    if (style->filter.href && style->filter.href->getObject())

    // it may be that this style has not yet created its SPFilterReference
    if (!style->filter.href && style->object && SP_OBJECT_DOCUMENT(style->object)) {
            style->filter.href = new SPFilterReference(SP_OBJECT_DOCUMENT(style->object));
            style->filter.href->changedSignal().connect(sigc::bind(sigc::ptr_fun(sp_style_filter_ref_changed), style));

    if (style->filter.href && parent->href && parent->href->getObject()) {
        try {
        } catch (Inkscape::BadURIException &e) {
            g_warning("%s", e.what());

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