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void SPDesktop::set_event_context ( GtkType  type,
const gchar *  config 

Make desktop switch event contexts.

Definition at line 614 of file desktop.cpp.

References SPEventContext::next, sp_event_context_activate(), sp_event_context_deactivate(), sp_event_context_finish(), and sp_event_context_new().

    SPEventContext *ec;
    while (event_context) {
        ec = event_context;
        sp_event_context_deactivate (ec);
        event_context = ec->next;
        sp_event_context_finish (ec);
        g_object_unref (G_OBJECT (ec));

    ec = sp_event_context_new (type, this, config, SP_EVENT_CONTEXT_STATIC);
    ec->next = event_context;
    event_context = ec;
    sp_event_context_activate (ec);
    _event_context_changed_signal.emit (this, ec);

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