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repr.h File Reference

Detailed Description

C facade to Inkscape::XML::Node.

Definition in file repr.h.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <glib/gtypes.h>
#include "gc-anchored.h"
#include "xml/node.h"
#include "xml/document.h"
#include "xml/sp-css-attr.h"
#include "io/inkscapestream.h"
#include <2geom/forward.h>

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#define SP_BROKEN_SODIPODI_NS_URI   "http://inkscape.sourceforge.net/DTD/sodipodi-0.dtd"
#define SP_CC_NS_URI   "http://creativecommons.org/ns#"
#define SP_DC_NS_URI   "http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/"
#define SP_INKSCAPE_NS_URI   "http://www.inkscape.org/namespaces/inkscape"
#define SP_OLD_CC_NS_URI   "http://web.resource.org/cc/"
#define SP_RDF_NS_URI   "http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"
#define SP_SODIPODI_NS_URI   "http://sodipodi.sourceforge.net/DTD/sodipodi-0.dtd"
#define SP_SVG_NS_URI   "http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"
#define SP_XLINK_NS_URI   "http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"


Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_children (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr)
Inkscape::XML::Node const * sp_repr_children (Inkscape::XML::Node const *repr)
int sp_repr_compare_position (Inkscape::XML::Node *first, Inkscape::XML::Node *second)
SPCSSAttr * sp_repr_css_attr (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *attr)
void sp_repr_css_attr_add_from_string (SPCSSAttr *css, const gchar *data)
SPCSSAttr * sp_repr_css_attr_inherited (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *attr)
SPCSSAttr * sp_repr_css_attr_new (void)
void sp_repr_css_attr_unref (SPCSSAttr *css)
void sp_repr_css_change (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *key)
void sp_repr_css_change_recursive (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *key)
double sp_repr_css_double_property (SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *name, double defval)
void sp_repr_css_merge (SPCSSAttr *dst, SPCSSAttr *src)
void sp_repr_css_print (SPCSSAttr *css)
gchar const * sp_repr_css_property (SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *name, gchar const *defval)
bool sp_repr_css_property_is_unset (SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *name)
void sp_repr_css_set (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *key)
void sp_repr_css_set_property (SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *name, gchar const *value)
void sp_repr_css_unset_property (SPCSSAttr *css, gchar const *name)
gchar * sp_repr_css_write_string (SPCSSAttr *css)
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_document_first_child (Inkscape::XML::Document const *doc)
Inkscape::XML::Documentsp_repr_document_new (gchar const *rootname)
unsigned sp_repr_get_boolean (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, unsigned *val)
unsigned sp_repr_get_double (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, double *val)
double sp_repr_get_double_attribute (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, double def)
unsigned sp_repr_get_int (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, int *val)
long long int sp_repr_get_int_attribute (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, long long int def)
unsigned sp_repr_get_point (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, Geom::Point *val)
bool sp_repr_is_meta_element (const Inkscape::XML::Node *node)
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_lookup_child (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, gchar const *value)
 Find an element node using an unique attribute.
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_lookup_name (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *name, gint maxdepth=-1)
 Find an element node with the given name.
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_next (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr)
Inkscape::XML::Node const * sp_repr_next (Inkscape::XML::Node const *repr)
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_parent (Inkscape::XML::Node const *repr)
Inkscape::XML::Documentsp_repr_read_buf (const Glib::ustring &buf, const gchar *default_ns)
Inkscape::XML::Documentsp_repr_read_file (gchar const *filename, gchar const *default_ns)
Inkscape::XML::Documentsp_repr_read_mem (gchar const *buffer, int length, gchar const *default_ns)
Glib::ustring sp_repr_save_buf (Inkscape::XML::Document *doc)
bool sp_repr_save_file (Inkscape::XML::Document *doc, gchar const *filename, gchar const *default_ns=NULL)
bool sp_repr_save_rebased_file (Inkscape::XML::Document *doc, gchar const *filename_utf8, gchar const *default_ns, gchar const *old_base, gchar const *new_base_filename)
void sp_repr_save_stream (Inkscape::XML::Document *doc, FILE *to_file, gchar const *default_ns=NULL, bool compress=false, gchar const *old_href_base=NULL, gchar const *new_href_base=NULL)
unsigned sp_repr_set_boolean (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, unsigned val)
unsigned sp_repr_set_css_double (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, double val)
unsigned sp_repr_set_int (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, int val)
unsigned sp_repr_set_point (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, Geom::Point const &val)
unsigned sp_repr_set_svg_double (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *key, double val)
void sp_repr_unparent (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr)
 Remove repr from children of its parent node.
void sp_repr_write_stream (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, Inkscape::IO::Writer &out, gint indent_level, bool add_whitespace, Glib::QueryQuark elide_prefix, int inlineattrs, int indent, gchar const *old_href_base=NULL, gchar const *new_href_base=NULL)
char const * sp_xml_ns_prefix_uri (gchar const *prefix)
char const * sp_xml_ns_uri_prefix (gchar const *uri, gchar const *suggested)

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