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SPObject* sp_tref_convert_to_tspan ( SPObject obj  ) 

This function will create a new tspan element with the same attributes as the tref had and add the same text as a child. The tref is replaced in the tree with the new tspan. The code is based partially on sp_use_unlink

Definition at line 573 of file sp-tref.cpp.

References Inkscape::XML::Node::addChild(), Inkscape::GC::anchor(), Inkscape::XML::Node::attribute(), Inkscape::XML::Document::createElement(), SPDocument::getObjectByRepr(), SPObject::parent, Inkscape::GC::release(), Inkscape::XML::Node::setAttribute(), sp_object_ref(), sp_object_unref(), sp_repr_parent(), sp_style_merge_from_dying_parent(), sp_style_merge_from_parent(), sp_tref_convert_to_tspan(), and SPObject::style.

Referenced by sp_tref_convert_to_tspan().

    SPObject * new_tspan = NULL;

    // BASE CASE
    if (SP_IS_TREF(obj)) {

        SPTRef *tref = SP_TREF(obj);

        if (tref && tref->stringChild) {
            Inkscape::XML::Node *tref_repr = SP_OBJECT_REPR(tref);
            Inkscape::XML::Node *tref_parent = sp_repr_parent(tref_repr);

            SPDocument *document = SP_OBJECT(tref)->document;
            Inkscape::XML::Document *xml_doc = sp_document_repr_doc(document);

            Inkscape::XML::Node *new_tspan_repr = xml_doc->createElement("svg:tspan");

            // Add the new tspan element just after the current tref
            tref_parent->addChild(new_tspan_repr, tref_repr);

            new_tspan = document->getObjectByRepr(new_tspan_repr);

            // Create a new string child for the tspan
            Inkscape::XML::Node *new_string_repr = SP_OBJECT_REPR(tref->stringChild)->duplicate(xml_doc);
            new_tspan_repr->addChild(new_string_repr, NULL);

            //SPObject * new_string_child = document->getObjectByRepr(new_string_repr);

            // Merge style from the tref
            SPStyle *new_tspan_sty = SP_OBJECT_STYLE(new_tspan);
            SPStyle const *tref_sty = SP_OBJECT_STYLE(tref);
            sp_style_merge_from_dying_parent(new_tspan_sty, tref_sty);
            sp_style_merge_from_parent(new_tspan_sty, new_tspan->parent->style);


            // Hold onto our SPObject and repr for now.
            sp_object_ref(SP_OBJECT(tref), NULL);

            // Remove ourselves, not propagating delete events to avoid a
            // chain-reaction with other elements that might reference us.

            // Give the copy our old id and let go of our old repr.
            new_tspan_repr->setAttribute("id", tref_repr->attribute("id"));

            // Establish the succession and let go of our object.
            sp_object_unref(SP_OBJECT(tref), NULL);
    else {
        GSList *l = NULL;
        for (SPObject *child = sp_object_first_child(obj) ; child != NULL ; child = SP_OBJECT_NEXT(child) ) {
            sp_object_ref (SP_OBJECT (child), obj);
            l = g_slist_prepend (l, child);
        l = g_slist_reverse (l);
        while (l) {
            SPObject *child = SP_OBJECT (l->data);
            l = g_slist_remove (l, child);

            // Note that there may be more than one conversion happening here, so if it's not a
            // tref being passed into this function, the returned value can't be specifically known
            new_tspan = sp_tref_convert_to_tspan(child);

            sp_object_unref (SP_OBJECT (child), obj);

    return new_tspan;

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