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ColorRGBA Class Reference

#include <color-rgba.h>

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Detailed Description

A class to contain a floating point RGBA color.

Definition at line 23 of file color-rgba.h.

Public Member Functions

ColorRGBA average (const ColorRGBA second, const float weight=0.5) const
 Average two ColorRGBAs to create another one.
 ColorRGBA (float in_array[4])
 Create a ColorRGBA using an array of floats.
 ColorRGBA (unsigned int intcolor)
 A constructor to create the color from an unsigned int, as found everywhere when dealing with colors.
 ColorRGBA (void)
 Create a quick ColorRGBA with all zeros.
 ColorRGBA (float c0, float c1, float c2, float c3)
 A constructor to create the color from four floating point values.
unsigned int getIntValue () const
 Give the rgba32 "unsigned int" representation of the color.
bool operator!= (ColorRGBA const &o) const
ColorRGBAoperator= (ColorRGBA const &m)
 Overwrite the values in this object with another ColorRGBA.
bool operator== (const ColorRGBA other) const
 Check to ensure that two ColorRGBA's are equal.
float operator[] (unsigned int const i) const
 Grab a particular value from the ColorRGBA object.

Private Attributes

float _c [4]
 Array of values that are stored.

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