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filedialogimpl-gtkmm.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation of the file dialog interfaces defined in filedialogimpl.h.

Definition in file filedialogimpl-gtkmm.cpp.

#include "filedialogimpl-gtkmm.h"
#include "dialogs/dialog-events.h"
#include "interface.h"
#include "io/sys.h"
#include "path-prefix.h"
#include "preferences.h"

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namespace  Inkscape
namespace  Inkscape::UI
namespace  Inkscape::UI::Dialog


void Inkscape::UI::Dialog::fileDialogExtensionToPattern (Glib::ustring &pattern, Glib::ustring &extension)
void Inkscape::UI::Dialog::findEntryWidgets (Gtk::Container *parent, std::vector< Gtk::Entry * > &result)
void Inkscape::UI::Dialog::findExpanderWidgets (Gtk::Container *parent, std::vector< Gtk::Expander * > &result)

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