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one_glyph Struct Reference

#include <one-glyph.h>

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Detailed Description

Information for a single glyph.

Pango converts the text into glyphs, but scatters the info for a given glyph; here is a structure holding what inkscape needs to know.

Definition at line 23 of file one-glyph.h.

Public Attributes

bool char_start
PangoFont * font
int gl
bool para_start
 Whether this glyph is the beginning of a paragraph (for indentation).
char uni_dir
 BiDi orientation of the run containing this glyph.
int uni_en
int uni_st
bool word_start
 Whether this glyph is the beginning of a word.
double x
double y
 glyph position in the layout (nominal sizes, in the [0..1] range).

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