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stroke-style.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Stroke style dialog.

Definition in file stroke-style.cpp.

#include <glib/gmem.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include "desktop-handles.h"
#include "desktop-style.h"
#include "dialogs/dialog-events.h"
#include "display/nr-arena.h"
#include "display/nr-arena-item.h"
#include "document-private.h"
#include "gradient-chemistry.h"
#include "helper/stock-items.h"
#include "helper/unit-menu.h"
#include "helper/units.h"
#include "inkscape.h"
#include "io/sys.h"
#include "marker.h"
#include "path-prefix.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "sp-linear-gradient.h"
#include "sp-namedview.h"
#include "sp-pattern.h"
#include "sp-radial-gradient.h"
#include "sp-rect.h"
#include "sp-text.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "svg/css-ostringstream.h"
#include "ui/cache/svg_preview_cache.h"
#include "ui/icon-names.h"
#include "widgets/dash-selector.h"
#include "widgets/icon.h"
#include "widgets/paint-selector.h"
#include "widgets/sp-widget.h"
#include "widgets/spw-utilities.h"
#include "xml/repr.h"
#include "widgets/stroke-style.h"

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#define noSP_SS_VERBOSE


static SPObjectink_extract_marker_name (gchar const *n, SPDocument *doc)
GSList * ink_marker_list_get (SPDocument *source)
static Gtk::OptionMenu * ink_marker_menu (Gtk::Widget *, gchar const *menu_id, SPDocument *sandbox)
static void ink_marker_menu_create_menu (Gtk::Menu *m, gchar const *menu_id, SPDocument *doc, SPDocument *sandbox)
static unsigned int ink_marker_menu_get_pos (Gtk::Menu *mnu, gchar const *markname)
static void ink_marker_menu_set_current (SPObject *marker, Gtk::OptionMenu *mnu)
static void ink_markers_menu_update (Gtk::Container *spw, SPMarkerLoc const which)
SPDocumentink_markers_preview_doc ()
static void sp_captype_set (Gtk::Container *spw, unsigned const captype)
static void sp_dash_selector_set_from_style (SPDashSelector *dsel, SPStyle *style)
static void sp_jointype_set (Gtk::Container *spw, unsigned const jointype)
static void sp_marker_list_from_doc (Gtk::Menu *m, SPDocument *, SPDocument *source, SPDocument *, SPDocument *sandbox, gchar const *menu_id)
 Pick up all markers from source, except those that are in current_doc (if non-NULL), and add items to the m menu.
static void sp_marker_menu_build (Gtk::Menu *m, GSList *marker_list, SPDocument *source, SPDocument *sandbox, gchar const *menu_id)
static Gtk::Image * sp_marker_prev_new (unsigned psize, gchar const *mname, SPDocument *source, SPDocument *sandbox, gchar const *menu_id, NRArena const *, unsigned, NRArenaItem *root)
static void sp_marker_select (Gtk::OptionMenu *mnu, Gtk::Container *spw, SPMarkerLoc const which)
static Gtk::RadioButton * sp_stroke_radio_button (Gtk::RadioButton *tb, char const *icon, Gtk::HBox *hb, Gtk::Container *spw, gchar const *key, gchar const *data)
static void sp_stroke_style_any_toggled (Gtk::ToggleButton *tb, Gtk::Container *spw)
 This routine handles toggle events for buttons in the stroke style dialog. When activated, this routine gets the data for the various widgets, and then calls the respective routines to update css properties, etc.
static void sp_stroke_style_line_dash_changed (Gtk::Container *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_line_selection_changed (SPWidget *spw, Inkscape::Selection *selection, gpointer data)
static void sp_stroke_style_line_selection_modified (SPWidget *spw, Inkscape::Selection *selection, guint flags, gpointer data)
static void sp_stroke_style_line_update (Gtk::Container *spw, Inkscape::Selection *sel)
Gtk::Container * sp_stroke_style_line_widget_new (void)
 Creates a new widget for the line stroke style.
static void sp_stroke_style_miterlimit_changed (Gtk::Container *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_paint_changed (SPPaintSelector *psel, SPWidget *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_paint_dragged (SPPaintSelector *psel, SPWidget *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_paint_mode_changed (SPPaintSelector *psel, SPPaintSelectorMode mode, SPWidget *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_paint_selection_changed (SPWidget *spw, Inkscape::Selection *selection, SPPaintSelector *psel)
static void sp_stroke_style_paint_selection_modified (SPWidget *spw, Inkscape::Selection *selection, guint flags, SPPaintSelector *psel)
static void sp_stroke_style_paint_update (SPWidget *spw)
GtkWidget * sp_stroke_style_paint_widget_new (void)
static void sp_stroke_style_scale_line (Gtk::Container *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_set_cap_buttons (Gtk::Container *spw, Gtk::ToggleButton *active)
static void sp_stroke_style_set_join_buttons (Gtk::Container *spw, Gtk::ToggleButton *active)
static void sp_stroke_style_set_scaled_dash (SPCSSAttr *css, int ndash, double *dash, double offset, double scale)
static void sp_stroke_style_update_marker_menus (Gtk::Container *spw, GSList const *objects)
static void sp_stroke_style_widget_change_subselection (Inkscape::Application *inkscape, SPDesktop *desktop, SPWidget *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_widget_transientize_callback (Inkscape::Application *inkscape, SPDesktop *desktop, SPWidget *spw)
static void sp_stroke_style_width_changed (Gtk::Container *spw)
static gboolean stroke_width_set_unit (SPUnitSelector *, SPUnit const *old, SPUnit const *new_units, Gtk::Container *spw)


static Gtk::OptionMenu * marker_end_menu = NULL
sigc::connection marker_end_menu_connection
static Gtk::OptionMenu * marker_mid_menu = NULL
sigc::connection marker_mid_menu_connection
static Gtk::OptionMenu * marker_start_menu = NULL
sigc::connection marker_start_menu_connection
static gchar const * undo_label = undo_label_1
static gchar const *const undo_label_1 = "stroke:flatcolor:1"
static gchar const *const undo_label_2 = "stroke:flatcolor:2"

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