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rdf.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

RDF manipulation functions.

move these to xml/ instead of dialogs/

Definition in file rdf.cpp.

#include "xml/repr.h"
#include "rdf.h"
#include "sp-item-group.h"
#include "inkscape.h"

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struct  rdf_entity_default_t


#define XML_TAG_NAME_LICENSE   "cc:License"
#define XML_TAG_NAME_METADATA   "svg:metadata"
#define XML_TAG_NAME_RDF   "rdf:RDF"
#define XML_TAG_NAME_SVG   "svg:svg"
#define XML_TAG_NAME_WORK   "cc:Work"


struct rdf_work_entity_trdf_find_entity (gchar const *name)
 Retrieves a known RDF/Work entity by name.
struct rdf_license_trdf_get_license (SPDocument *document)
 Attempts to match and retrieve a known RDF/License from the document XML.
Inkscape::XML::Noderdf_get_rdf_root_repr (SPDocument *doc, bool build)
const gchar * rdf_get_repr_text (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, struct rdf_work_entity_t *entity)
 Pull the text out of an RDF entity, depends on how it's stored.
const gchar * rdf_get_work_entity (SPDocument *doc, struct rdf_work_entity_t *entity)
 Retrieves a known RDF/Work entity's contents from the document XML by name.
Inkscape::XML::Noderdf_get_work_repr (SPDocument *doc, gchar const *name, bool build)
Inkscape::XML::Noderdf_get_xml_repr (SPDocument *doc, gchar const *name, bool build)
static bool rdf_match_license (Inkscape::XML::Node const *repr, struct rdf_license_t const *license)
void rdf_set_defaults (SPDocument *doc)
void rdf_set_license (SPDocument *doc, struct rdf_license_t const *license)
 Stores an RDF/License XML in the document XML.
unsigned int rdf_set_repr_text (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, struct rdf_work_entity_t *entity, gchar const *text)
unsigned int rdf_set_work_entity (SPDocument *doc, struct rdf_work_entity_t *entity, const gchar *text)
 Stores a string into a named RDF/Work entity in the document XML.


struct rdf_entity_default_t rdf_defaults []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_cc_a []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_cc_a_nc []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_cc_a_nc_nd []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_cc_a_nc_sa []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_cc_a_nd []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_cc_a_sa []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_empty []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_freeart []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_ofl []
struct rdf_double_t rdf_license_pd []
struct rdf_license_t rdf_licenses []
struct rdf_work_entity_t rdf_work_entities []

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