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void sp_node_selected_set_type ( Inkscape::NodePath::Path nodepath,
Inkscape::NodePath::NodeType  type 

Call sp_nodepath_convert_node_type() for all selected nodes.

Definition at line 2832 of file nodepath.cpp.

References Inkscape::NodePath::Path::selected, sp_nodepath_convert_node_type(), sp_nodepath_update_repr(), and Inkscape::NodePath::Path::straight_path.

    if (nodepath == NULL) return;

    if (nodepath->straight_path) return; // don't change type when it is a straight path!

    for (GList *l = nodepath->selected; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
        sp_nodepath_convert_node_type((Inkscape::NodePath::Node *) l->data, type);

    sp_nodepath_update_repr(nodepath, _("Change node type"));

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