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Extension * Inkscape::Extension::build_from_mem ( gchar const *  buffer,
Implementation::Implementation *  in_imp 

This function creates a module from a buffer holding an XML description.

The module created
buffer The buffer holding the XML description of the module.
This function calls build_from_reprdoc with using sp_repr_read_mem to create the reprdoc. It finds the length of the buffer using strlen.

Definition at line 550 of file system.cpp.

References build_from_reprdoc(), and Inkscape::GC::release().

Referenced by Inkscape::Extension::Internal::PovOutput::save().

    Inkscape::XML::Document *doc = sp_repr_read_mem(buffer, strlen(buffer), INKSCAPE_EXTENSION_URI);
    Extension *ext = build_from_reprdoc(doc, in_imp);
    return ext;

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