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void sp_desktop_apply_style_tool ( SPDesktop desktop,
Inkscape::XML::Node repr,
Glib::ustring const &  tool_path,
bool  with_text 

Apply the desktop's current style or the tool style to repr.

Definition at line 339 of file desktop-style.cpp.

References Inkscape::Preferences::get(), Inkscape::Preferences::getBool(), Inkscape::Preferences::getInheritedStyle(), and sp_desktop_get_style().

Referenced by do_trace().

    SPCSSAttr *css_current = sp_desktop_get_style(desktop, with_text);
    Inkscape::Preferences *prefs = Inkscape::Preferences::get();

    if (prefs->getBool(tool_path + "/usecurrent") && css_current) {
        sp_repr_css_set(repr, css_current, "style");
    } else {
        SPCSSAttr *css = prefs->getInheritedStyle(tool_path + "/style");
        sp_repr_css_set(repr, css, "style");
    if (css_current) {

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