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GrDrag Class Reference

#include <gradient-drag.h>

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Detailed Description

This is the root class of the gradient dragging machinery. It holds lists of GrDraggers and of lines (simple canvas items). It also remembers one of the draggers as selected.

Definition at line 105 of file gradient-drag.h.

Public Member Functions

SPStopaddStopNearPoint (SPItem *item, Geom::Point mouse_p, double tolerance)
void deleteSelected (bool just_one=false)
void deselectAll ()
 Deselect all stops/draggers (public; emits signal).
bool dropColor (SPItem *item, gchar const *c, Geom::Point p)
guint32 getColor ()
GrDraggergetDraggerFor (SPItem *item, gint point_type, gint point_i, bool fill_or_stroke)
void grabKnot (SPItem *item, gint point_type, gint point_i, bool fill_or_stroke, gint x, gint y, guint32 etime)
void grabKnot (GrDragger *dragger, gint x, gint y, guint32 etime)
 GrDrag (SPDesktop *desktop)
bool hasSelection ()
bool isNonEmpty ()
guint numDraggers ()
guint numSelected ()
GrDraggerselect_next ()
GrDraggerselect_prev ()
void selectAll ()
 Select all stops/draggers.
void selectByCoords (std::vector< Geom::Point > coords)
 Select all stops/draggers that match the coords.
void selected_move (double x, double y, bool write_repr=true, bool scale_radial=false)
void selected_move_nowrite (double x, double y, bool scale_radial)
void selected_move_screen (double x, double y)
void selected_reverse_vector ()
void selectRect (Geom::Rect const &r)
 Select all stops/draggers that fall within the rect.
void setDeselected (GrDragger *dragger)
 Deselect a dragger.
void setSelected (GrDragger *dragger, bool add_to_selection=false, bool override=true)
 Select a dragger.
guint singleSelectedDraggerNumDraggables ()
guint singleSelectedDraggerSingleDraggableType ()
void updateDraggers ()
void updateLevels ()
void updateLines ()

Public Attributes

GList * draggers
std::vector< double > hor_levels
bool keep_selection
GSList * lines
bool local_change
GList * selected
std::vector< double > vert_levels

Private Member Functions

void addDragger (GrDraggable *draggable)
void addDraggersLinear (SPLinearGradient *lg, SPItem *item, bool fill_or_stroke)
void addDraggersRadial (SPRadialGradient *rg, SPItem *item, bool fill_or_stroke)
void addLine (SPItem *item, Geom::Point p1, Geom::Point p2, guint32 rgba)
void deselect_all ()
 Deselect all stops/draggers (private).

Private Attributes

sigc::connection sel_changed_connection
sigc::connection sel_modified_connection
sigc::connection style_query_connection
sigc::connection style_set_connection

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