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void SPDesktop::zoom_drawing (  )

Zoom to whole drawing.

Definition at line 1105 of file desktop.cpp.

References Inkscape::UI::View::View::doc(), and set_display_area().

Referenced by Inkscape::ZoomVerb::perform().

    g_return_if_fail (doc() != NULL);
    SPItem *docitem = SP_ITEM (sp_document_root (doc()));
    g_return_if_fail (docitem != NULL);

    Geom::OptRect d = sp_item_bbox_desktop(docitem);

    /* Note that the second condition here indicates that
    ** there are no items in the drawing.
    if ( !d || d->minExtent() < 0.1 ) {

    set_display_area(*d, 10);

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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