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Public Member Functions

Inkscape::UI::View::EditWidgetInterface Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void activateDesktop ()=0
 Update the "active desktop" indicator.
virtual void deactivateDesktop ()=0
 Update the "inactive desktop" indicator.
virtual void destroy ()=0
 Destroy and delete widget.
virtual void disableInteraction ()=0
 Disable interaction on this desktop.
virtual void enableInteraction ()=0
 Enable interaction on this desktop.
getDock ()=0
virtual void getGeometry (gint &x, gint &y, gint &w, gint &h)=0
 Returns geometry of widget.
virtual Geom::Point getPointer ()=0
 Return mouse position in widget.
virtual Gtk::Window * getWindow ()=0
 Returns pointer to window UI object as void*.
virtual bool isToolboxButtonActive (gchar const *)=0
 In auxiliary toolbox, return true if specific togglebutton is active.
virtual void layout ()=0
 Show all parts of widget the user wants to see.
virtual void letZoomGrabFocus ()=0
 The zoom display will get the keyboard focus.
virtual void present ()=0
 Present widget to user.
virtual void requestCanvasUpdate ()=0
 Queue a redraw request with the canvas.
virtual void requestCanvasUpdateAndWait ()=0
 Force a redraw of the canvas.
virtual void setCoordinateStatus (Geom::Point p)=0
 Set the coordinate display.
virtual void setFullscreen ()=0
 Make widget fill screen and show it if possible.
virtual void setIconified ()=0
 Make widget iconified.
virtual void setMaximized ()=0
 Make widget maximized on screen.
virtual void setMessage (Inkscape::MessageType type, gchar const *msg)=0
 Message widget will get no content.
virtual void setPosition (Geom::Point p)=0
 Move widget to specified position.
virtual void setSize (gint w, gint h)=0
 Change the widget's size.
virtual void setTitle (gchar const *)=0
 Set the widget's title.
virtual void setToolboxAdjustmentValue (const gchar *, double)=0
 In auxiliary toolbox, set value of adjustment with specific id.
virtual void setToolboxFocusTo (const gchar *)=0
 In auxiliary toolbox, set focus to widget having specific id.
virtual void setToolboxSelectOneValue (const gchar *, gint)=0
 In auxiliary toolbox, select one of the "select one" options (usually radio toggles)
virtual void setTransient (void *, int)=0
 Transientize widget.
virtual bool shutdown ()=0
virtual void toggleColorProfAdjust ()=0
 Toggle CMS on/off and set preference value accordingly.
virtual void toggleRulers ()=0
 Toggle rulers on/off and set preference value accordingly.
virtual void toggleScrollbars ()=0
 Toggle scrollbars on/off and set preference value accordingly.
virtual void updateRulers ()=0
 Update rulers from current values.
virtual void updateScrollbars (double scale)=0
 Update scrollbars from current values.
virtual void updateZoom ()=0
 Temporarily block signals and update zoom display.
virtual void viewSetPosition (Geom::Point p)=0
 Set rulers to position.
virtual bool warnDialog (gchar *)=0
 Open yes/no dialog with warning text and confirmation question.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file edit-widget-interface.h.

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