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Inkscape::XML::Node * Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_copyNode ( Inkscape::XML::Node node,
Inkscape::XML::Document target_doc,
Inkscape::XML::Node parent 
) [private]

Copy a single XML node from one document to another.

nodeThe node to be copied
target_docThe document to which the node is to be copied
parentThe node in the target document which will become the parent of the copied node
Pointer to the copied node

Definition at line 759 of file clipboard.cpp.

References Inkscape::XML::Node::appendChild(), Inkscape::XML::Node::duplicate(), and Inkscape::GC::release().

Referenced by _copyGradient(), _copyPattern(), _copySelection(), _copyTextPath(), _copyUsedDefs(), _pasteDefs(), and _pasteDocument().

    Inkscape::XML::Node *dup = node->duplicate(target_doc);
    return dup;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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