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void Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_pasteDefs ( SPDocument clipdoc ) [private]

Paste SVG defs from the document retrieved from the clipboard into the active document.

clipdocThe document to paste
clipdoc != NULL and pasting into the active document is possible

Definition at line 844 of file clipboard.cpp.

References _copyNode(), prevent_id_clashes(), and sp_repr_lookup_name().

Referenced by _pasteDocument(), pastePathEffect(), and pasteStyle().

    // boilerplate vars copied from _pasteDocument
    SPDesktop *desktop = SP_ACTIVE_DESKTOP;
    SPDocument *target_document = sp_desktop_document(desktop);
        *root = sp_document_repr_root(clipdoc),
        *defs = sp_repr_lookup_name(root, "svg:defs", 1),
        *target_defs = SP_OBJECT_REPR(SP_DOCUMENT_DEFS(target_document));
    Inkscape::XML::Document *target_xmldoc = sp_document_repr_doc(target_document);

    prevent_id_clashes(clipdoc, target_document);

    for (Inkscape::XML::Node *def = defs->firstChild() ; def ; def = def->next()) {
        _copyNode(def, target_xmldoc, target_defs);

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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