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static void sp_object_release ( SPObject object  )  [static]

Removes, releases and unrefs all children of object.

This is the opposite of build. It has to be invoked as soon as the object is removed from the tree, even if it is still alive according to reference count. The frontend unregisters the object from the document and releases the SPRepr bindings; implementations should free state data and release all child objects. Invoking release on SPRoot destroys the whole document tree.

See also:

Definition at line 726 of file sp-object.cpp.

References sp_object_detach().

Referenced by sp_object_class_init().

    debug("id=%x, typename=%s", object, g_type_name_from_instance((GTypeInstance*)object));
    while (object->children) {
        sp_object_detach(object, object->children);

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