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void sp_item_invoke_bbox_full ( SPItem const *  item,
NR::Maybe< NR::Rect > *  bbox,
NR::Matrix const &  transform,
unsigned const   flags,
unsigned const   clear 

Calls item's subclass' bounding box method; clips it by the bbox of clippath, if any; and unions the resulting bbox with bbox. If clear is true, empties bbox first. Passes the transform and the flags to the actual bbox methods. Note that many of subclasses (e.g. groups, clones), in turn, call this function in their bbox methods.

Definition at line 720 of file sp-item.cpp.

References SPItem::clip_ref, and NR::union_bounds().

    g_assert(item != NULL);
    g_assert(bbox != NULL);

    if (clear) {
        *bbox = NR::Nothing();

    // TODO: replace NRRect by NR::Rect, for all SPItemClasses, and for SP_CLIPPATH

    NRRect temp_bbox;
    temp_bbox.x0 = temp_bbox.y0 = NR_HUGE;
    temp_bbox.x1 = temp_bbox.y1 = -NR_HUGE;

    // call the subclass method
    if (((SPItemClass *) G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS(item))->bbox) {
        ((SPItemClass *) G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS(item))->bbox(item, &temp_bbox, transform, flags);

    // unless this is geometric bbox, crop the bbox by clip path, if any
    if ((SPItem::BBoxType) flags != SPItem::GEOMETRIC_BBOX && item->clip_ref->getObject()) {
        NRRect b;
        sp_clippath_get_bbox(SP_CLIPPATH(item->clip_ref->getObject()), &b, transform, flags);
        nr_rect_d_intersect (&temp_bbox, &temp_bbox, &b);
    if (temp_bbox.x0 > temp_bbox.x1 || temp_bbox.y0 > temp_bbox.y1) {
        // We'll assume here that when x0 > x1 or y0 > y1, the bbox is "nothing"
        // However it has never been explicitely defined this way for NRRects
        // (as opposed to NR::Maybe<NR::Rect>)
        *bbox = NR::Nothing();
    if (temp_bbox.x0 == temp_bbox.y0 == NR_HUGE && temp_bbox.x1 == temp_bbox.y1 == -NR_HUGE) {
        // The bbox hasn't been touched by the SPItemClass' bbox method
        // or it has explicitely been set to be like this (e.g. in sp_shape_bbox)
        *bbox = NR::Nothing();
    // Do not use temp_bbox.upgrade() here, because it uses a test that returns NR::Nothing
    // for any rectangle with zero area. The geometrical bbox of for example a vertical line
    // would therefore be translated into NR::Nothing (see bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/168684) 
    NR::Maybe<NR::Rect> temp_bbox_new = NR::Rect(NR::Point(temp_bbox.x0, temp_bbox.y0), NR::Point(temp_bbox.x1, temp_bbox.y1));
    *bbox = NR::union_bounds(*bbox, temp_bbox_new);

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