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#include "libnr/nr-point.h"
#include "livarot/AVL.h"

class Shape;
class SweepEvent;
class SweepEventQueue;
class SweepTreeList;

 * One node in the AVL tree of edges.
 * Note that these nodes will be stored in a dynamically allocated array, hence the Relocate() function.
00017 class SweepTree:public AVLTree
00020     SweepEvent *evt[2];   ///< Intersection with the edge on the left and right (if any).

00022     Shape *src;   /**< Shape from which the edge comes.  (When doing boolean operation on polygons,
                   *   edges can come from 2 different polygons.)
00025     int bord;     ///< Edge index in the Shape.
00026     bool sens;    ///< true= top->bottom; false= bottom->top.
00027     int startPoint;   ///< point index in the result Shape associated with the upper end of the edge

    virtual ~SweepTree();

    // Inits a brand new node.
    void MakeNew(Shape *iSrc, int iBord, int iWeight, int iStartPoint);
    // changes the edge associated with this node
    // goal: reuse the node when an edge follows another, which is the most common case
    void ConvertTo(Shape *iSrc, int iBord, int iWeight, int iStartPoint);

    // Delete the contents of node.
    void MakeDelete();

    // utilites

    // the find function that was missing in the AVLTrree class
    // the return values are defined in LivarotDefs.h
    int Find(NR::Point const &iPt, SweepTree *newOne, SweepTree *&insertL,
             SweepTree *&insertR, bool sweepSens = true);
    int Find(NR::Point const &iPt, SweepTree *&insertL, SweepTree *&insertR);

    /// Remove sweepevents attached to this node.
    void RemoveEvents(SweepEventQueue &queue);

    void RemoveEvent(SweepEventQueue &queue, Side s);

    // overrides of the AVLTree functions, to account for the sorting in the tree
    // and some other stuff
    int Remove(SweepTreeList &list, SweepEventQueue &queue, bool rebalance = true);
    int Insert(SweepTreeList &list, SweepEventQueue &queue, Shape *iDst,
               int iAtPoint, bool rebalance = true, bool sweepSens = true);
    int InsertAt(SweepTreeList &list, SweepEventQueue &queue, Shape *iDst,
                 SweepTree *insNode, int fromPt, bool rebalance = true, bool sweepSens = true);

    /// Swap nodes, or more exactly, swap the edges in them.
    void SwapWithRight(SweepTreeList &list, SweepEventQueue &queue);

    void Avance(Shape *dst, int nPt, Shape *a, Shape *b);

    void Relocate(SweepTree *to);


  Local Variables:
  c-file-offsets:((innamespace . 0)(inline-open . 0)(case-label . +))
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