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static void sp_offset_update ( SPObject object,
SPCtx ctx,
guint  flags 
) [static]

Update callback: the object has changed, recompute its shape.

Definition at line 407 of file sp-offset.cpp.

References SPOffset::isUpdating, and SPOffset::sourceDirty.

Referenced by sp_offset_class_init().

    SPOffset* offset = SP_OFFSET(object);
    offset->isUpdating=true; // prevent sp_offset_set from requesting updates
    if ( offset->sourceDirty ) refresh_offset_source(offset);
    if (flags &
        sp_shape_set_shape ((SPShape *) object);

    if (((SPObjectClass *) parent_class)->update)
        ((SPObjectClass *) parent_class)->update (object, ctx, flags);

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