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NR::Point NArtBpath::c ( unsigned const   i  )  const [inline]

Convert i-th position data pair to Point object

1 <= i <= 3

Definition at line 30 of file n-art-bpath.h.

References y1, y2, and y3.

Referenced by Inkscape::Extension::Internal::PovOutput::doCurves(), fit_and_split(), sp_curve_backspace(), sp_curve_closepath(), sp_curve_distance_including_space(), sp_curve_first_point(), sp_curve_last_point(), sp_curve_penultimate_point(), sp_curve_reverse(), sp_curve_second_point(), and tmpl_curve_transform().

        switch (i) {
            case 1: return NR::Point(x1, y1);
            case 2: return NR::Point(x2, y2);
            case 3: return NR::Point(x3, y3);
            default: std::abort();

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