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#ifndef __SP_OFFSET_H__
#define __SP_OFFSET_H__

/** \file
 * SPOffset class.
 * Authors:  
 *   Mitsuru Oka <oka326@parkcity.ne.jp>
 *   Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@kaplinski.com>
 * (of the sp-spiral.h upon which this file was created)
 * Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Lauris Kaplinski
 * Copyright (C) 2000-2001 Ximian, Inc.
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

#include "sp-shape.h"

#include <sigc++/sigc++.h>

#define SP_TYPE_OFFSET            (sp_offset_get_type ())
#define SP_OFFSET(obj)            (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST ((obj), SP_TYPE_OFFSET, SPOffset))
#define SP_OFFSET_CLASS(klass)    (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST ((klass), SP_TYPE_OFFSET, SPOffsetClass))

class SPOffset;
class SPOffsetClass;
class SPUseReference;

 * SPOffset class.
 * An offset is defined by curve and radius. The original curve is kept as 
 * a path in a sodipodi:original attribute. It's not possible to change 
 * the original curve.
 * SPOffset is a derivative of SPShape, much like the SPSpiral or SPRect.
 * The goal is to have a source shape (= originalPath), an offset (= radius) 
 * and compute the offset of the source by the radius. To get it to work, 
 * one needs to know what the source is and what the radius is, and how it's 
 * stored in the xml representation. The object itself is a "path" element, 
 * to get lots of shape functionality for free. The source is the easy part: 
 * it's stored in a "inkscape:original" attribute in the path. In case of 
 * "linked" offset, as they've been dubbed, there is an additional
 * "inkscape:href" that contains the id of an element of the svg. 
 * When built, the object will attach a listener vector to that object and 
 * rebuild the "inkscape:original" whenever the href'd object changes. This 
 * is of course grossly inefficient, and also does not react to changes 
 * to the href'd during context stuff (like changing the shape of a star by 
 * dragging control points) unless the path of that object is changed during 
 * the context (seems to be the case for SPEllipse). The computation of the 
 * offset is done in sp_offset_set_shape(), a function that is called whenever 
 * a change occurs to the offset (change of source or change of radius).
 * just like the sp-star and other, this path derivative can make control 
 * points, or more precisely one control point, that's enough to define the 
 * radius (look in object-edit).
00059 struct SPOffset : public SPShape {
00060   void *originalPath; ///< will be a livarot Path, just don't declare it here to please the gcc linker
00061   char *original;     ///< SVG description of the source path
00062   float rad;          ///< offset radius

  /// for interactive setting of the radius
00065   bool knotSet;
  NR::Point knot;
      bool           sourceDirty;
      bool           isUpdating;

      gchar                          *sourceHref;
      SPUseReference *sourceRef;
00073   Inkscape::XML::Node         *sourceRepr; ///< the repr associated with that id
      SPObject                 *sourceObject;
        sigc::connection _modified_connection;
      sigc::connection _delete_connection;
      sigc::connection _changed_connection;
      sigc::connection _transformed_connection;

/// The SPOffset vtable.
00083 struct SPOffsetClass
  SPShapeClass parent_class;

/* Standard Gtk function */
GType sp_offset_get_type (void);

double sp_offset_distance_to_original (SPOffset * offset, NR::Point px);
void sp_offset_top_point (SPOffset * offset, NR::Point *px);

SPItem *sp_offset_get_source (SPOffset *offset);


  Local Variables:
  c-file-offsets:((innamespace . 0)(inline-open . 0)(case-label . +))
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