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Size indicator. Hardcoded to max. 3 bits.

NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_TINY  Fits in (unsigned char *).
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_4K  Pixelstore.
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_16K  Pixelstore.
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_64K  Pixelstore.
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_256K  Pixelstore.
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_1M  Pixelstore.
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_BIG  Normally allocated.
NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_STATIC  Externally managed.

Definition at line 18 of file nr-pixblock.h.

      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_TINY, ///< Fits in (unsigned char *)
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_4K,   ///< Pixelstore 
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_16K,  ///< Pixelstore 
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_64K,  ///< Pixelstore 
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_256K,  ///< Pixelstore 
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_1M,  ///< Pixelstore 
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_BIG,  ///< Normally allocated 
      NR_PIXBLOCK_SIZE_STATIC ///< Externally managed 

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