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#ifndef __NR_ARENA_ITEM_H__
#define __NR_ARENA_ITEM_H__

 * RGBA display list system for inkscape
 * Author:
 *   Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@kaplinski.com>
 * Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Lauris Kaplinski
 * Copyright (C) 2001 Ximian, Inc.
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

#define NR_TYPE_ARENA_ITEM (nr_arena_item_get_type ())

#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_VIRTUAL(i,m) (((NRArenaItemClass *) NR_OBJECT_GET_CLASS (i))->m)

 * NRArenaItem state flags

 * If set or retuned indicates, that given object is in error.
 * Calling method has to return immediately, with appropriate
 * error flag.


#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_BBOX     (1 << 1)
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_DRAFT    (1 << 3)
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_RENDER   (1 << 4)
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_CLIP     (1 << 5)
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_MASK     (1 << 6)
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_PICK     (1 << 7)
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_IMAGE    (1 << 8)

#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_NONE  0x0000
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE_ALL   0x01fe

#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_STATE(i,s) (NR_ARENA_ITEM (i)->state & (s))
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_SET_STATE(i,s) (NR_ARENA_ITEM (i)->state |= (s))
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_UNSET_STATE(i,s) (NR_ARENA_ITEM (i)->state &= ~(s))


#include <libnr/nr-matrix.h>
#include <libnr/nr-rect-l.h>
#include <libnr/nr-pixblock.h>
#include <libnr/nr-object.h>
#include "gc-soft-ptr.h"
#include "nr-arena-forward.h"
#include "display/nr-filter.h"
#include <cairo.h>

struct NRGC {
    NRGC(NRGC const *p) : parent(p) {}
    NRGC const *parent;
    NRMatrix transform;

struct NRArenaItem : public NRObject {

    NRArena *arena;
    Inkscape::GC::soft_ptr<NRArenaItem> parent;
    NRArenaItem *next;
    Inkscape::GC::soft_ptr<NRArenaItem> prev;

    /* Item state */
    unsigned int state : 16;
    unsigned int propagate : 1;
    unsigned int sensitive : 1;
    unsigned int visible : 1;
    /* Whether items renders opacity itself */
    unsigned int render_opacity : 1;
    /* Opacity itself */
    unsigned int opacity : 8;

    /* Key for secondary rendering */
    unsigned int key;

    /* BBox in grid coordinates */
    NRRectL bbox;
    /* BBox in item coordinates - this should be a bounding box as
     * specified in SVG standard. Required by filters. */
    NR::Maybe<NR::Rect> item_bbox;
    /* Our affine */
    NRMatrix *transform;
    /* Clip item */
    NRArenaItem *clip;
    /* Mask item */
    NRArenaItem *mask;
    /* Filter to be applied after rendering this object, NULL if none */
    NR::Filter *filter;
    /* Rendered buffer */
    unsigned char *px;

    /* Single data member */
    void *data;

    /* Current Transformation Matrix */
    NR::Matrix ctm;

    /* These hold background buffer state for filter rendering */
    NRPixBlock *background_pb;
    bool background_new;

    void init(NRArena *arena) {
        this->arena = arena;

struct NRArenaItemClass : public NRObjectClass {
    NRArenaItem * (* children) (NRArenaItem *item);
    NRArenaItem * (* last_child) (NRArenaItem *item);
    void (* add_child) (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *ref);
    void (* remove_child) (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child);
    void (* set_child_position) (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *ref);

    unsigned int (* update) (NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRGC *gc, unsigned int state, unsigned int reset);
    unsigned int (* render) (cairo_t *ct, NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRPixBlock *pb, unsigned int flags);
    unsigned int (* clip) (NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRPixBlock *pb);
    NRArenaItem * (* pick) (NRArenaItem *item, NR::Point p, double delta, unsigned int sticky);

#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_ARENA(ai) (((NRArenaItem *) (ai))->arena)

NRType nr_arena_item_get_type (void);

NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_ref (NRArenaItem *item);
NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_unref (NRArenaItem *item);

NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_children (NRArenaItem *item);
NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_last_child (NRArenaItem *item);
void nr_arena_item_add_child (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *ref);
void nr_arena_item_remove_child (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child);
void nr_arena_item_set_child_position (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *ref);

 * Invoke update to given state, if item is inside area
 * area == NULL is infinite
 * gc is PARENT gc for invoke, CHILD gc in corresponding virtual method
 * state - requested to state (bitwise or of requested flags)
 * reset - reset to state (bitwise or of flags to reset)

unsigned int nr_arena_item_invoke_update (NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRGC *gc, unsigned int state, unsigned int reset);

unsigned int nr_arena_item_invoke_render(cairo_t *ct, NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL const *area, NRPixBlock *pb, unsigned int flags);

unsigned int nr_arena_item_invoke_clip (NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRPixBlock *pb);
NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_invoke_pick (NRArenaItem *item, NR::Point p, double delta, unsigned int sticky);

void nr_arena_item_request_update (NRArenaItem *item, unsigned int reset, unsigned int propagate);
void nr_arena_item_request_render (NRArenaItem *item);

/* Public */

NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_unparent (NRArenaItem *item);

void nr_arena_item_append_child (NRArenaItem *parent, NRArenaItem *child);

void nr_arena_item_set_transform(NRArenaItem *item, NR::Matrix const &transform);
void nr_arena_item_set_transform(NRArenaItem *item, NRMatrix const *transform);
void nr_arena_item_set_opacity (NRArenaItem *item, double opacity);
void nr_arena_item_set_sensitive (NRArenaItem *item, unsigned int sensitive);
void nr_arena_item_set_visible (NRArenaItem *item, unsigned int visible);
void nr_arena_item_set_clip (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *clip);
void nr_arena_item_set_mask (NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *mask);
void nr_arena_item_set_order (NRArenaItem *item, int order);
void nr_arena_item_set_item_bbox (NRArenaItem *item, NR::Maybe<NR::Rect> &bbox);

NRPixBlock *nr_arena_item_get_background (NRArenaItem const *item, int depth = 0);

/* Helpers */

NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_attach (NRArenaItem *parent, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *prev, NRArenaItem *next);
NRArenaItem *nr_arena_item_detach (NRArenaItem *parent, NRArenaItem *child);

#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_SET_DATA(i,v) (((NRArenaItem *) (i))->data = (v))
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_GET_DATA(i) (((NRArenaItem *) (i))->data)

#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_SET_KEY(i,k) (((NRArenaItem *) (i))->key = (k))
#define NR_ARENA_ITEM_GET_KEY(i) (((NRArenaItem *) (i))->key)

#endif /* !__NR_ARENA_ITEM_H__ */

  Local Variables:
  c-file-offsets:((innamespace . 0)(inline-open . 0)(case-label . +))
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