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#ifndef __CR_NODE_IFACE_H__
#define __CR_NODE_IFACE_H__

#include <glib/gmacros.h>
#include <glib/gtypes.h>


typedef gconstpointer CRXMLNodePtr ;
typedef struct _CRNodeIface CRNodeIface ;

struct _CRNodeIface {
      /* Names based on DOM. */
      CRXMLNodePtr (*getParentNode)(CRXMLNodePtr);
      CRXMLNodePtr (*getFirstChild)(CRXMLNodePtr);
      CRXMLNodePtr (*getNextSibling)(CRXMLNodePtr);
      CRXMLNodePtr (*getPrevSibling)(CRXMLNodePtr);
      char const *(*getLocalName)(CRXMLNodePtr);
      char *(*getProp)(CRXMLNodePtr, char const *);

      /* Others. */
      void (*freePropVal)(void *);
      gboolean (*isElementNode)(CRXMLNodePtr);

#if 0
      char const *getLang(CRXMLNodePtr);
      /* todo: Make it easy to have the default xml rules for lang.  Maybe interpret NULL
         like this.  Or provide a cr_get_xml_lang(CRNodeIface const *, CRXMLNodePtr) function. */



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