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IntLigne Class Reference

#include <int-line.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Coverage with integer boundaries.

This is what we want for actual rasterization. It contains the same stuff as FloatLigne, but technically only the Copy() functions are used.

Definition at line 35 of file int-line.h.

Public Member Functions

int AddBord (int spos, float sval, int epos, float eval)
int AddRun (int st, int en, float vst, float ven)
void Affiche ()
void Booleen (IntLigne *a, IntLigne *b, BooleanOp mod)
void Copy (int nbSub, BitLigne **a)
void Copy (BitLigne *a)
void Copy (FloatLigne *a)
void Copy (IntLigne *a)
 Copy another IntLigne.
void Dequeue (int no)
void Enqueue (int no)
void Flatten ()
void Raster (raster_info &dest, void *color, RasterInRunFunc worker)
float RemainingValAt (int at)
void Reset ()
float ValAt (int at, int ps, int pe, float vs, float ve)

Static Public Member Functions

static int CmpBord (void const *p1, void const *p2)

Public Attributes

int firstAc
int lastAc
int maxBord
int maxRun
int nbBord
int nbRun

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