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 * Vanishing point for 3D perspectives
 * Authors:
 *   Maximilian Albert <Anhalter42@gmx.de>
 * Copyright (C) 2007 authors
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information


#include <set>
#include "libnr/nr-point.h"
#include "knot.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "axis-manip.h"
#include "inkscape.h"
#include "persp3d.h"
#include "box3d.h"
#include "persp3d-reference.h"

#include "line-geometry.h" // TODO: Remove this include as soon as we don't need create_canvas_(point|line) any more.

class SPBox3D;

namespace Box3D {

enum VPState {
    VP_FINITE = 0, // perspective lines meet in the VP
    VP_INFINITE    // perspective lines are parallel

/* VanishingPoint is a simple wrapper class to easily extract VP data from perspectives.
 * A VanishingPoint represents a VP in a certain direction (X, Y, Z) of a single perspective.
 * In particular, it can potentially have more than one box linked to it (although in facth they
 * are rather linked to the parent perspective).
// FIXME: Don't store the box in the VP but rather the perspective (and link the box to it)!!
class VanishingPoint {
    VanishingPoint() : my_counter(VanishingPoint::global_counter++), _persp(NULL), _axis(Proj::NONE) {}
    VanishingPoint(Persp3D *persp, Proj::Axis axis) : my_counter(VanishingPoint::global_counter++), _persp(persp), _axis(axis) {}
    VanishingPoint(const VanishingPoint &other) : my_counter(VanishingPoint::global_counter++), _persp(other._persp), _axis(other._axis) {}

    inline VanishingPoint &operator=(VanishingPoint const &rhs) {
        _persp = rhs._persp;
        _axis = rhs._axis;
        return *this;
    inline bool operator==(VanishingPoint const &rhs) const {
        /* vanishing points coincide if they belong to the same perspective */
        return (_persp == rhs._persp && _axis == rhs._axis);

    inline bool operator<(VanishingPoint const &rhs) const {
        return my_counter < rhs.my_counter;

    inline void set(Persp3D *persp, Proj::Axis axis) {
        _persp = persp;
        _axis = axis;
    void set_pos(Proj::Pt2 const &pt);
    inline bool is_finite() const {
        g_return_val_if_fail (_persp, false);
        return persp3d_get_VP (_persp, _axis).is_finite();
    inline NR::Point get_pos() const {
        g_return_val_if_fail (_persp, NR::Point (NR_HUGE, NR_HUGE));
        return persp3d_get_VP (_persp,_axis).affine();
    inline Persp3D * get_perspective() const {
        return _persp;
    inline Persp3D * set_perspective(Persp3D *persp) {
        return _persp = persp;

    inline bool hasBox (SPBox3D *box) {
        return persp3d_has_box(_persp, box);
    inline unsigned int numberOfBoxes() const {
        return persp3d_num_boxes(_persp);

    /* returns all selected boxes sharing this perspective */
    std::list<SPBox3D *> selectedBoxes(Inkscape::Selection *sel);

    inline void updateBoxDisplays() const {
        g_return_if_fail (_persp);
    inline void updateBoxReprs() const {
        g_return_if_fail (_persp);
    inline void updatePerspRepr() const {
        g_return_if_fail (_persp);
    inline void printPt() const {
        g_return_if_fail (_persp);
        persp3d_get_VP (_persp, _axis).print("");
    inline gchar const *axisString () { return Proj::string_from_axis(_axis); }

    unsigned int my_counter;
    static unsigned int global_counter; // FIXME: Only to implement operator< so that we can merge lists. Do this in a better way!!
    Persp3D *_persp;
    Proj::Axis _axis;

class VPDrag;

struct less_ptr : public std::binary_function<VanishingPoint *, VanishingPoint *, bool> {
    bool operator()(VanishingPoint *vp1, VanishingPoint *vp2) {
        return GPOINTER_TO_INT(vp1) < GPOINTER_TO_INT(vp2);

struct VPDragger {
    VPDragger(VPDrag *parent, NR::Point p, VanishingPoint &vp);

    VPDrag *parent;
    SPKnot *knot;

    // position of the knot, desktop coords
    NR::Point point;
    // position of the knot before it began to drag; updated when released
    NR::Point point_original;

    bool dragging_started;

    std::list<VanishingPoint> vps;

    void addVP(VanishingPoint &vp, bool update_pos = false);
    void removeVP(const VanishingPoint &vp);

    void updateTip();

    guint numberOfBoxes(); // the number of boxes linked to all VPs of the dragger
    VanishingPoint *findVPWithBox(SPBox3D *box);
    std::set<VanishingPoint*, less_ptr> VPsOfSelectedBoxes();

    bool hasPerspective(const Persp3D *persp);
    void mergePerspectives(); // remove duplicate perspectives

    void updateBoxDisplays();
    void updateVPs(NR::Point const &pt);
    void updateZOrders();

    void printVPs();

struct VPDrag {
    VPDrag(SPDocument *document);

    VPDragger *getDraggerFor (VanishingPoint const &vp);

    bool dragging;

    SPDocument *document;
    GList *draggers;
    GSList *lines;

    void printDraggers(); // convenience for debugging
     * FIXME: Should the following functions be merged?
     *        Also, they should make use of the info in a VanishingPoint structure (regarding boxes
     *        and perspectives) rather than each time iterating over the whole list of selected items?
    void updateDraggers ();
    void updateLines ();
    void updateBoxHandles ();
    void updateBoxReprs ();
    void updateBoxDisplays ();
    void drawLinesForFace (const SPBox3D *box, Proj::Axis axis); //, guint corner1, guint corner2, guint corner3, guint corner4);
    bool show_lines; /* whether perspective lines are drawn at all */
    guint front_or_rear_lines; /* whether we draw perspective lines from all corners or only the
                                  front/rear corners (indicated by the first/second bit, respectively  */

    inline bool hasEmptySelection() { return this->selection->isEmpty(); }
    bool allBoxesAreSelected (VPDragger *dragger);
    GSList * selectedBoxesWithVPinDragger (VPDragger *dragger);

    // FIXME: Should this be private? (It's the case with the corresponding function in gradient-drag.h)
    //        But vp_knot_grabbed_handler
    void addDragger (VanishingPoint &vp);

    void swap_perspectives_of_VPs(Persp3D *persp2, Persp3D *persp1);

    //void deselect_all();

    void addLine (NR::Point p1, NR::Point p2, guint32 rgba);

    Inkscape::Selection *selection;
    sigc::connection sel_changed_connection;
    sigc::connection sel_modified_connection;

} // namespace Box3D


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