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sp-item.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Some things pertinent to all visible shapes: SPItem, SPItemView, SPItemCtx, SPItemClass, SPEvent.

Definition in file sp-item.h.

#include <vector>
#include "display/nr-arena-forward.h"
#include "sp-object.h"
#include <libnr/nr-matrix.h>
#include <libnr/nr-rect.h>

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namespace  Inkscape


struct  SPEvent
class  SPItem
struct  SPItemClass
 The SPItem vtable. More...
struct  SPItemCtx
 Contains transformations to document/viewport and the viewport size. More...
struct  SPItemView
 SPItemView. More...


#define SP_ITEM_REFERENCE_FLAGS   (1 << 1)
#define SP_ITEM_SHOW_DISPLAY   (1 << 0)
#define SP_ITEM_STOP_PAINT(i)   (SP_ITEM (i)->stop_paint)


< std::vector< NR::Point > > 


enum  {


NR::Matrix i2anc_affine (SPObject const *item, SPObject const *ancestor)
NR::Matrix i2i_affine (SPObject const *src, SPObject const *dest)
NR::Matrix matrix_from_desktop (NR::Matrix m, SPItem const *item)
NR::Matrix matrix_to_desktop (NR::Matrix m, SPItem const *item)
void sp_item_adjust_gradient (SPItem *item, NR::Matrix const &postmul, bool set=false)
void sp_item_adjust_livepatheffect (SPItem *item, NR::Matrix const &postmul, bool set=false)
void sp_item_adjust_paint_recursive (SPItem *item, NR::Matrix advertized_transform, NR::Matrix t_ancestors, bool is_pattern)
void sp_item_adjust_pattern (SPItem *item, NR::Matrix const &postmul, bool set=false)
void sp_item_adjust_stroke (SPItem *item, gdouble ex)
void sp_item_adjust_stroke_width_recursive (SPItem *item, gdouble ex)
NR::Maybe< NR::Rectsp_item_bbox_desktop (SPItem *item, SPItem::BBoxType type=SPItem::APPROXIMATE_BBOX)
void sp_item_bbox_desktop (SPItem *item, NRRect *bbox, SPItem::BBoxType type=SPItem::APPROXIMATE_BBOX) __attribute__((deprecated))
void sp_item_convert_item_to_guides (SPItem *item)
void sp_item_convert_to_guides (SPItem *item)
gchar * sp_item_description (SPItem *item)
unsigned int sp_item_display_key_new (unsigned int numkeys)
NR::Matrix sp_item_dt2i_affine (SPItem const *item)
gint sp_item_event (SPItem *item, SPEvent *event)
SPItemsp_item_first_item_child (SPObject *obj)
NRArenaItem * sp_item_get_arenaitem (SPItem *item, unsigned int key)
NR::Matrix sp_item_i2d_affine (SPItem const *item)
NR::Matrix sp_item_i2doc_affine (SPItem const *item)
NR::Matrix sp_item_i2r_affine (SPItem const *item)
NR::Matrix sp_item_i2root_affine (SPItem const *item)
void sp_item_invoke_bbox (SPItem const *item, NRRect *bbox, NR::Matrix const &transform, unsigned const clear, SPItem::BBoxType type=SPItem::APPROXIMATE_BBOX) __attribute__((deprecated))
void sp_item_invoke_bbox (SPItem const *item, NR::Maybe< NR::Rect > *bbox, NR::Matrix const &transform, unsigned const clear, SPItem::BBoxType type=SPItem::APPROXIMATE_BBOX)
void sp_item_invoke_bbox_full (SPItem const *item, NRRect *bbox, NR::Matrix const &transform, unsigned const flags, unsigned const clear) __attribute__((deprecated))
void sp_item_invoke_bbox_full (SPItem const *item, NR::Maybe< NR::Rect > *bbox, NR::Matrix const &transform, unsigned const flags, unsigned const clear)
void sp_item_invoke_hide (SPItem *item, unsigned int key)
void sp_item_invoke_print (SPItem *item, SPPrintContext *ctx)
NRArenaItem * sp_item_invoke_show (SPItem *item, NRArena *arena, unsigned int key, unsigned int flags)
unsigned sp_item_pos_in_parent (SPItem *item)
int sp_item_repr_compare_position (SPItem *first, SPItem *second)
void sp_item_set_i2d_affine (SPItem *item, NR::Matrix const &transform)
void sp_item_set_item_transform (SPItem *item, NR::Matrix const &transform)
void sp_item_snappoints (SPItem const *item, bool includeItemCenter, SnapPointsIter p)
void sp_item_write_transform (SPItem *item, Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, NR::Matrix const &transform, NR::Matrix const *adv=NULL, bool compensate=true)
void sp_item_write_transform (SPItem *item, Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, NRMatrix const *transform, NR::Matrix const *adv=NULL)

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