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static Verb* Inkscape::Verb::get ( unsigned int  code  )  [inline, static, inherited]

A function to turn a code into a verb.

code The code to be translated
A pointer to a verb object or a NULL if not found.
This is an inline function to translate the codes which are static quickly. This should optimize into very quick code everywhere which hard coded codes are used. In the case where the code is not static the get_search function is used.

Definition at line 404 of file verbs.h.

References Inkscape::Verb::_base_verbs, and Inkscape::Verb::get_search().

Referenced by Inkscape::Extension::Internal::BlurEdge::effect(), Inkscape::UI::Widget::PageSizer::fire_fit_canvas_to_selection_or_drawing(), Inkscape::Extension::Effect::set_last_effect(), sp_desktop_widget_init(), and sp_export_dialog().

        if (code <= SP_VERB_LAST) {
            return _base_verbs[code];
        } else {
            return get_search(code);

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