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void org::siox::SioxImage::assign ( const SioxImage other  )  [private]

Assign values to that of another

Definition at line 566 of file siox.cpp.

References cmdata, height, pixdata, valid, and width.

Referenced by operator=(), and SioxImage().

    if (pixdata) delete[] pixdata;
    if (cmdata)  delete[] cmdata;
    valid     = other.valid;
    width     = other.width;
    height    = other.height;
    imageSize = width * height;
    pixdata   = new unsigned int[imageSize];
    cmdata    = new float[imageSize];
    for (unsigned long i=0 ; i<imageSize ; i++)
        pixdata[i] = other.pixdata[i];
        cmdata[i]  = other.cmdata[i];

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