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Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::DebugDialogImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::DebugDialogImpl:


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Detailed Description

A dialog that displays log messages

Definition at line 40 of file debugdialog.cpp.

Public Member Functions

void captureLogMessages ()
void clear ()
 DebugDialogImpl ()
void hide ()
void message (char const *msg)
void releaseLogMessages ()
void show ()
 ~DebugDialogImpl ()

Static Public Member Functions

static DebugDialogcreate ()
static DebugDialoggetInstance ()
static void showInstance ()

Private Attributes

Gtk::Menu fileMenu
guint handlerAtkmm
guint handlerDefault
guint handlerGdkmm
guint handlerGlibmm
guint handlerGtkmm
guint handlerPangomm
Gtk::MenuBar menuBar
Gtk::TextView messageText
Gtk::ScrolledWindow textScroll

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