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Inkscape::Extension::Dependency Class Reference

#include <dependency.h>

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Detailed Description

A class to represent a dependency for an extension. There are different things that can be done in a dependency, and this class takes care of all of them.

Definition at line 22 of file dependency.h.

Public Member Functions

bool check (void) const
 Check if the dependency passes.
 Dependency (Inkscape::XML::Node *in_repr)
 Create a dependency using an XML definition.
Glib::ustring & get_help (void) const
Glib::ustring & get_link (void) const
virtual ~Dependency (void)
 This depenency is not longer needed.

Private Types

 All of the possible locations to look for the dependency. More...
enum  type_t {
 All the possible types of dependencies. More...

Private Attributes

const gchar * _description
 The description of the dependency for the users.
location_t _location
 The location to look for this particular dependency.
 The XML representation of the dependency.
const gchar * _string
 The string that is in the XML tags pulled out.
type_t _type
 Storing the type of this particular dependency.

Static Private Attributes

static gchar const * _location_str [LOCATION_CNT]
 Strings to reperesent the different enum values in location_t in the XML.
static gchar const * _type_str [TYPE_CNT]
 Strings to reperesent the different enum values in type_t in the XML.


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out_file, const Dependency &in_dep)
 Print out a dependency to a string.

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