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CollectionPolicy SPObject::collectionPolicy (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Set the policy under which this object will be orphan-collected.

Orphan-collection is the process of deleting all objects which no longer have hyper-references pointing to them. The policy determines when this happens. Many objects should not be deleted simply because they are no longer referred to; other objects (like "intermediate" gradients) are more or less throw-away and should always be collected when no longer in use.

Along these lines, there are currently two orphan-collection policies:

COLLECT_WITH_PARENT - don't worry about the object's hrefcount; if its parent is collected, this object will be too

COLLECT_ALWAYS - always collect the object as soon as its hrefcount reaches zero

the current collection policy in effect for this object

Definition at line 272 of file sp-object.h.

Referenced by sp_object_private_write().

{ return _collection_policy; }

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