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void sp_item_write_transform ( SPItem item,
Inkscape::XML::Node repr,
NRMatrix const *  transform,
NR::Matrix const *  adv 

A temporary wrapper for the next function accepting the NRMatrix instead of NR::Matrix

Definition at line 1255 of file sp-item.cpp.

References NR::identity(), and sp_item_write_transform().

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::Dialog::TileDialog::Grid_Arrange(), sp_item_notify_moveto(), sp_item_write_transform(), and Inkscape::Trace::Tracer::traceThread().

    if (transform == NULL)
        sp_item_write_transform(item, repr, NR::identity(), adv);
        sp_item_write_transform(item, repr, NR::Matrix (transform), adv);

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