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SPCanvas Struct Reference

#include <sp-canvas.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Port of GnomeCanvas for inkscape needs.

Definition at line 122 of file sp-canvas.h.

Public Member Functions

NR::Rect getViewbox () const
NR::IRect getViewboxIntegers () const

Public Attributes

int close_enough
double dx0
double dy0
int forced_redraw_count
int forced_redraw_limit
bool gen_all_enter_events
guint grabbed_event_mask
guint idle_id
unsigned int in_repick: 1
bool is_scrolling
unsigned int left_grabbed_item: 1
unsigned int need_redraw: 1
unsigned int need_repick: 1
unsigned int need_update: 1
GdkEvent pick_event
GdkGC * pixmap_gc
int rendermode
int state
int tBottom
int tileH
uint8_t * tiles
int tileV
int tLeft
int tRight
int tTop
GtkWidget widget
int x0
int y0

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