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void Inkscape::Text::Layout::transform ( NR::Matrix const &  transform  ) 

Apply the given transform to all the output presently stored in this object. This only transforms the glyph positions, The glyphs themselves will not be transformed.

Definition at line 576 of file Layout-TNG-Output.cpp.

    // this is all massively oversimplified
    // I can't actually think of anybody who'll want to use it at the moment, so it'll stay simple
    for (unsigned glyph_index = 0 ; glyph_index < _glyphs.size() ; glyph_index++) {
        NR::Point point(_glyphs[glyph_index].x, _glyphs[glyph_index].y);
        point *= transform;
        _glyphs[glyph_index].x = point[0];
        _glyphs[glyph_index].y = point[1];

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