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int Inkscape::Text::Layout::_enum_converter ( int  input,
EnumConversionItem const *  conversion_table,
unsigned  conversion_table_size 
) [static, private]

There are a few cases where we have different sets of enums meaning the same thing, eg Pango font styles vs. SPStyle font styles. These need converting.

Definition at line 96 of file Layout-TNG-Input.cpp.

References Inkscape::Text::Layout::EnumConversionItem::output.

Referenced by Inkscape::Text::Layout::Calculator::_buildPangoItemizationForPara(), and Inkscape::Text::Layout::InputStreamTextSource::styleGetFontDescription().

    for (unsigned i = 0 ; i < conversion_table_size ; i++)
        if (conversion_table[i].input == input)
            return conversion_table[i].output;
    return conversion_table[0].output;

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