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void Inkscape::Text::Layout::appendWrapShape ( Shape const *  shape,
DisplayAlign  display_align = DISPLAY_ALIGN_BEFORE 

Stores another shape inside which to flow the text. If this method is never called then no automatic wrapping is done and lines will continue to infinity if necessary. Text can be flowed inside multiple shapes in sequence, like with frames in a DTP package. If the text flows past the end of the last shape all remaining text is ignored.

shape The Shape to use next in the flow. The storage for this is managed by the caller, and need only be valid for the duration of the call to calculateFlow().
display_align The vertical alignment of the text within this shape. See XSL1.0 section 7.13.4. The behaviour of settings other than DISPLAY_ALIGN_BEFORE when using non-rectangular shapes is undefined.

Definition at line 89 of file Layout-TNG-Input.cpp.

    _input_wrap_shapes.back().shape = shape;
    _input_wrap_shapes.back().display_align = display_align;

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