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Inkscape::Text::Layout::InputStreamTextSource Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::Text::Layout::InputStreamTextSource:

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Detailed Description

Represents a text item in the input stream. See _input_stream. Most of the members are copies of the values passed to appendText().

Definition at line 585 of file Layout-TNG.h.

Public Member Functions

float styleComputeFontSize () const
Alignment styleGetAlignment (Direction para_direction, bool try_text_align) const
Direction styleGetBlockProgression () const
PangoFontDescription * styleGetFontDescription () const
 The return value must be freed with pango_font_description_free().
font_instance * styleGetFontInstance () const
virtual InputStreamItemType Type ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< SVGLength > dx
std::vector< SVGLength > dy
std::vector< SVGLength > rotate
void * source_cookie
 in characters, from text_start to text_end only
Glib::ustring const * text
Glib::ustring::const_iterator text_begin
 owned by the caller
Glib::ustring::const_iterator text_end
int text_length
std::vector< SVGLength > x
std::vector< SVGLength > y

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